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SB Nation

Thursday Habs Links: New Habs leaders facing their first challenge

November 6, 2014

" Looking for a place to catch your favourite team play while visiting New York City? A new app from SportChaser will help you find a bar in NYC that's playing the game you want to see. " -
– Michael Sardano
New York Business Journal

Desperately seeking bar, suds and a particular far-flung soccer match? SportChaser wants to help

October 24, 2014

" The French duo encountered a problem: There's no good way to quickly ascertain which sports bars are showing which ball games. So they built SportChaser, a self-funded web startup that aspires to become the Foursquare of live sports " -
– Ben Fischer

SportChaser App Launches In Time To Find World Series Sports Bar in New York City

October 21, 2014

" This October 24, download the “SportChaser – Find Your Sports Bar”, it is the first free app to connect sports fans to venues like bars, showing their favorite team while connecting to like-minded fans. " -
– Bob Roble
New York Post

Find which bar is playing your team’s game with this app

October 18, 2014

" A new app telling sports fans which local bars are broadcasting their favorite teams will be unveiled this week by its unlikely creators — two French women living in New York. " -
– Kate Briquelet
Le Petit Journal Logo

SPORTCHASER – Ne manquez plus un match de votre équipe préférée à New-York !

July 9, 2014

" Alors que la Coupe du Monde bat son plein, coup de projecteur sur un site qui va ravir les fans de sport. Amélie et Tamara, deux Françaises installées à New-York, ont créé ce site pour permettre aux supporters de trouver les bars où voir les matchs de leur équipe préférée dans la ville " -
– Bénédicte Buisson
French Morning Logo

Le Club des Bleus à New York: 7 endroits pour voir les matches

June 20, 2014

" On y est! On sort ses drapeaux, ses écharpes, son chauvinisme et sa mauvaise foi, la Coupe du Monde est de retour. [...] Nous nous sommes associés à SportChaser, site internet de sélection de bars sportifs (créé par deux Françaises malines) pour lancer 'le Club des Bleus à New York': une sélection de sept bars et restos répartis dans New York pour permettre aux supporters tricolores de hurler entre soi. " -
– Emmanuel Saint-Martin
Sports Illustrated-Logo

Portugal vs. USA

June 19, 2014

" And after Team USA pulled off a surprise upset against Ghana in the World Cup, you won't want to miss them take the field again. Your ticket entitles you to an open bar with draft beer, wine and well drinks during the game. " - Read more
– Jay Honstetter
 CNBC Logo

US is SportChaser's priority: CEO

June 12, 2014

 SportChaser CEO on CNBC

Amelie Wisniak, co-founder and CEO of SportChaser, says the company should launch an app within the next six months and that it plans to expand further in the U.S. before it starts thinking about global expansion.
 Fox 5 Logo

SportChaser on Fox 5

June 3, 2014

Sports Illustrated-Logo

Drinking Games

June 2, 2014

"With the World Cup approaching, the site is poised to become a resource for New York's melting pot of fans. "Our ultimate purpose is to help people get together" Wisniak says" - Read more
– Alexandra Fenwick
 Grow digital Logo

5 key tactics to approach the Bar & Restaurant Industry

May 21, 2014

" While you create an online company, never forget the 'offline' aspect of it. People want to connect in real life and your marketing approach should take this into account. " -
– Tamara Prud'homme
 NiteTables Logo

Sports Fans Get Connected with NiteTables Partner

April 12, 2014

" SportChaser dedicates itself to any sports fans, from football to soccer, having trouble to find the right bar to watch their game or having trouble to find the sports bar of its dreams. " -
– NiteTables
BFM Business-Logo

SportChaser: La Chasse aux "Sports Bar": Tamara Prud'homme et Amelie Wisniak, dans le Grand Journal de New York – 01/02 3/4

Feb 2, 2014

On February 1st, SportChaser, the new website that connect sports fans to sports bars in New York was tackled by SportChaser co-founders, Tamara Prud'homme and Amelie Wisniak in the French TV program "Le Grand Journal de New York" by Sabrina Quagliozzi, on BFM Business. Every saturday, le Grand Journal de New York is presented by Sabrina Quagliozzi from Nasdaq studios is live, tracing all economical news from Time Square, in the hear of Manhattan on BFM Business, #1 Economic channel in France. (includes English Subtitles)

SportChaser Finds Sports Bars For Seahawks, Broncos and Super Bowl XLVIII Fans All Over New York City

Jan 30, 2014

"SportChaser sports technology upgrades sports fans’ Super Bowl experience by finding your perfect bar based on fan affiliation, bar atmosphere, size, category and more. With Super Bowl XLVIII in town for the first Super Bowl played in the New York/New Jersey area and in a cold-weather environment, using the website to find a bar to watch your favorite team play is made for Hawks 12thman and Broncos fans who like to represent Seattle and Denver at these kind of fun and entertaining establishments"
The LBMA-Logo

This Week In Location Based Marketing - Episode #166 - 10'08 - 14'55

Jan 27, 2014

"Whatever sport your are interested in, whether it's basketball , hockey or football [...] they tell you were likeminded fans hangout"
– Asif Khan
TresnicMedia-Logo – Find A Bar To Watch Your Favorite Team [Interview]

Jan 21, 2014

" is a new website that aims to connect sports fans with each other to watch their favorite teams at NYC bars. If you’re not from the New York City area but still want to enjoy the game of your choice with other passionate fans, wants to be the go-to tool to help you get together."
– Todd Giannattasio
voices of NY

French Expats Kick Off Sports Bar Search Engine

Jan 17, 2014

"When French expat Amélie Wisniak relocated to New York City, she found herself in a bind. A fan of French soccer team Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), she noticed it was difficult to locate sports bars playing her favorite team’s games. Wisniak and her friend Tamara Prud’homme, a classmate from graduate school at the European Business School in Paris and a fellow fan of sports bars, came up with a solution together. They decided to create a website where users could find out which sports bars were showing their favorite games on TV. Et voilà: was born."
– Antonia Massa
france amerique

Où regarder les matches de championnat de France de football à New York ?

Dec 8, 2013

"Fan de l'OM ou du PSG, vous ne savez jamais dans quel bar vous rendre pour regarder les matches du week-end à la télévision ? Tamara Prud'homme et Amélie Wisniak, deux Françaises installées à New York, ont pensé à vous. Elles ont fondé, un site internet qui liste tous les établissements qui retransmettent à New York les rencontres sportives : football, basket-ball, baseball ou encore football américain."
– Gaétan Mathieu
sport techie

SportChaser’s New App Looks to Connect Sports Fans in New York City

Dec 5, 2013

"Finding your favorite sports bar of choice in the largest city in the United States is often a challenge. With fans from all teams spread out all over the city it is often a tough task to find fans of your favorite college or professional team. SportChaser is trying to change that with their new website."
– Simon Ogus

Raiders Raided

Nov 10, 2013

"I found myself in quite a pickle this week as the Giants were ousted from television by the EVIL Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers who happened to be playing at the same time as my team. Thus I was forced to venture forth from my home to my local Damons where I was charged an arm and a leg for food and drink. If I had been back in New York City where I attended college I could have used this awesome website I was just told about called I did a quick search for fun and found a ton of great options! The sites a genius idea and reminds me of the episode in How I Met Your Mother called ‘Little Minnesota’ where Robin and Marshall go to a bar full of Vikings fans to watch the games and be with their fellow Viking lovers. is a great why to find your own ‘Little Minnesota’ where you can hang with fans of your own favorite team in the Big Apple."
– J.D. Cook
french morning

Deux Françaises lancent le Yelp du "sports bar"

Oct 28, 2013

"Fan du PSG ou de l’OM, des Yankees ou des Nets, vous êtes à la recherche d’un bar pour voir triompher votre équipe préférée? Amélie Wisniak et Tamara Prud’homme (photo droite) ont la solution. La première est fan du PSG, l’autre de l’ambiance et de la “tension” des “sports bars”. Ensemble, les deux amies ont tout naturellement lancé"
– Alexandre Trontin and Alexis Buisson

Startup News: WillCall Lets You Share Tickets to Hipster Shows and Cornell Tech Assembles a Techie Dream Team

Oct 17, 2013

“Goooooooal! Being a fan of a super rando sports team is a hard life. Waking up far too early on a weekend to watch soccer, I mean football, games alone in your PJs because you can"t stand to miss your team losing one more time will certainly test your allegiances. But the new site SportChaser hopes to take away the darkness and connect you with other fans. The site lists bars in New York City that regularly show sports games, and users can search by bar or event to find one nearby. It"s a way for bars to attract new customers and for fans to convince themselves they're aren't alone.”
– Sarah Jacoby