How does SportChaser work?
Search for your team, league, or sport to find the game you want to watch. Once selected, a list of bars who have confirmed that they will be broadcasting your game will appear, as well as those who will most likely show it based on their profile information. Narrow your search and find the right bar to match your preferences.

What is the 'scheduled' ribbon about?
To provide you with maximum information about your search, SportChaser has created a ribbon system to display which bars have confirmed a game. If you decide to choose a bar which has not confirmed your event, don’t forget to call the bar before going. SportChaser won’t be held responsible for bars’ game schedule, confirmed or not on the website.

I don’t find my game or a bar, what should I do?
Send us an email and we'll do our best to include your game or contact your favorite bar as soon as possible

I’m a Sports Bar. Can I be on
Absolutely! Click here to create a profile for your bar or send us an email for more info and we will make sure to display your bar on

Are there any adverts?
No. SportChaser is an ad-free website.

Do you have an app?
We do offer a free iOS app available on the app store (click here) and an android app is on its way! In the meanwhile, if you are an Android user, is a fully responsive web app that works seamlessly on your computer, phone or tablet!

I have a question!
Sure, Send us an email! We'll do our best to answer as soon as possible.